Tryout/Individual Assessments

This service offering allows for an independent and complete review of athletes that are participating in a tryout, or an individual assessment to determine an athlete's current needs to play at their next level.  The offering includes:


  • Fully documented evaluation and review with coach/club director
  • Independent/unbiased reivew for CYO, club programs and high school programs that have to trim rosters to ensure it is fair to all involved
  • Tips and tricks to quickly evaluate large numbers of athletes to keep it efficient
  • Strategies for clubs and coaching staffs to remain objective in the assessment process to ensure they are remaining fair to all included
  • Unique strategies to involve more athletes in a program than originally considered
  • Discussion on how to grow the game at a grassroots level if appropriate


This offering can be customized as needed by each client to ensure maximium value to the organization and their membership.