Seminars and Educational Opportunities

This service offering is based on topics of interest by attendees.  We will tailor a course around your specific needs, combine topics or customize an entire curriculum for your consumption.  Some sample topics are listed below:


  • Offensive Systems
  • Defensive Systems
  • Team Dynamics
  • Out of System Systems
  • Secrets to improve more quickly than your opponents
  • Advanced Training Series
    • Individual Defense
    • Blocking 
    • Passing
    • Attacking
    • Setting
    • "Emergency" plays
  • Any other topic as desired
General coach training curriculum around:
  • Safety First!
    • Ideas on preventing muscle strains
    • ACL Health
    • Rotator Cuff health and welness
    • Overuse and ideas to maximize training without overuse
    • General risk concerns
  • Coaching Efficiency vs Activity
    • Tricks to keep in mind
    • Points of Emphasis
    • Training the mental side of the game
    • Beware:  Things that can reduce skill
    • Coaching Techniques & Consdierations for fast learning
    • Think outside the box
  • Science behind the Art!
    • Let's hit the science
    • Learning:  How does it occur effectively?
    • Strategies in motor learning
  • Secrets to Drill and Practice 
    • Keys to creating a winning team
    • The best drills to get you to your goal
    • Properties of successful drill

Any of the above topics can be offered in any length/combination in a classroom or gym setting.  Typically the best approach is a hybrid approach where the coaches participate in the learning process.