About CoachesEvals.com

Doug Blystone founded this independent coaching education endeavor in 2017.  For those who know Doug, he is very passionate about coaching and coaching education.  Doug wants to provide educational experiences to all those who seek to improve in their craft of coaching.  Doug is a firm believer in "thinking outside the box" and has proven time and time again that teams that seem to not have the "highest" talent can compete at the "highest" level.

Doug started his educational journey in the early 2000s.   Doug felt strongly that the way to better volleyball was through education.  "Training has we know it has not yielded the level of athletes in other areas of the country.  What are they doing differently?  What do they know that we don't" Doug pondered.  Doug set off to attain his CAP Level I, II and III certifcations over the next several years.  WIthout looking back, Doug worked towards attaining his CAP Cadre (teacher) credential, along the way earning numerous titles and tournament wins for his team along the wa.  Doug has been part of the USA Volleyball CAP Cadre since 2012, and has taught numerous times throughout the country including the AVCA Conventions.  

Doug is no stranger to higher education.  Doug holds a bachelor's degree as well as two different master's degrees, all from accredited, highly recognized universities.  Doug's second masters, coming in 2014, is in Coaching from Concordia Univeristy-Irvine California.   Most recently Doug has attained his Strength and Conditioning coach certification from the ISSA (International Sport Science Association).  Doug also holds a current AED/CPR certification.

Doug has taught Kindergarten clinics through elite college athletes.  When asked what the differences between training the different levels, he stated "The training is based on the science of motor learning, the only difference is how we focus on those motor learning principles."

Doug's passion for training individual coaches has spanned many years.  Doug is known for running youth and CYO coaching clinics, all age coaching clinics, as well as teaching his athletes on a regular basis how to coach themselves to improvement.  His passion for coaching education has spawned many new coaches that have come through is programs and are now coaches in their own right.

Doug will continue to drive education as a way to better the sport in the United States.  If you wish to contact Doug and customize a program, please do so by clicking here.


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